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Natural Anti-Inflammatory Advanced Pain Relief

the better I felt and the inflammation went down in my ...

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I have herniated disc, knees problems, numerous surgeries, menstrual pains, tummy inflammation, along with other aliments. I have stopped buying this by the bottle and went for the 3 pack package so I wont be without. For a natural product (and I have tried many) It seemed to work a tiny bit my first dose, so I continued. The more I kept taking it steadily, the better I felt and the inflammation went down in my tummy and I was able to not feel the pain in my back and joints as much. I own a holistic center and this product is one of the most amazing natural products that actually works for me, and I have tried many. Most products out there are just a scam but this helps me in even my depression. This is worth every penny to me. Thank you! I very rarely write reviews.

This product actually works

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This product actually works...especially with joint pain. I have severe back problems, and this really helps me with flexibility!!!


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I broke my fibula bone and 50 on February 21st of 2018. It took my bones six months to heal and the doctors were considering bone grafting or surgery finally the bone healed but I was in constant pain which felt like knives stabbing in my bone when I walk and had trouble sleeping at night because of the pain because of the inflammation my doctor called me in several anti-inflammatory Prescriptions and they left me feeling disoriented and dizzy and the side effects were awful so I decided to draw something like a natural herb I was desperate and went on line inserts I tried this product and I have only had it since last week and I LOVE The results and the relief that I am feeling !!! I would highly recommend this product and I love it and I am so glad that I found it !!!!!! This has been an answer to my prayers

Highly recommend

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These worked amazingly well. I had inflammation in my foot and was having a lot of issues, I am on my feet 9 hours a day. I noticed swelling near my heel. I limped around more than half the day. Then I started taking 2 of these in the morning.. noticed a difference the second day, by the 4th day I had hardly any pain. A week later and I felt amazing..I also noticed less headaches too.

Just be patient and let the natural anti inflammatory get into your system.

This product works perfectly. It takes about 1 day to build up in your system but after that it is great. This helps with the Bursitis that is in both of my hips. Now I don't have to get shots of cortisone. Perfect.

Excellent Results

I purchased this product seeking to find an anti-inflammatory supplement to treat my chronic lower back pain. After taking this supplement daily, I noticed remarkable results in 3 weeks i.e significant less pain and increase movement. I suggest you give this product at least 3 weeks before making a decision as to whether or not you’ll repurchase.

Does what it’s supposed to do.

This really does work, and I don’t have to worry about bleeding like I do with aspirin or other NSAIDs. I will buy this again.

This product is amazing. I don't know how much it helped with ...

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This product is amazing. I don't know how much it helped with "anti inflammatory" problems, but it is the BEST ANTIDEPRESSANT!!!!!
The main ingredient is tumeric, and it is known to help with depression. I was looking for a relief from joint and muscle pain, but after taking this for one week, I noticed, and my husband noticed, that my depression had lifted and I was feeling much better mentally. The depression had plagued me for two to three years and I have no reason to be depressed. I take two capsules a day and I feel great. My energy slowly improved, and I felt like engaging in life again. Around the holidays I missed several doses, and the depression started to rise again. Back on the two a day, and I feel so much better. My husband says he will pay for these capsules forever, lol!

Better than pharma OC but doesn't replace a prescription

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Works way better than pharma oc anti-inflammatories. Does not work for any other cause of pain (despite the white willow bark ingredient) so you have to know what's causing your woes: i.e. this will not work for knee pain that's caused by bone rubbing from cartilage issues. This also doesn't help inflammation and pain that is on the severe side (for that you need a pharma prescription). However, even when my pain is so bad I dread moving and the swelling is noticable in the mirror, the herbs do lessen the pain and they help in the recovery (I feel better faster).

Daily Complex to Battle Inflammation

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My dr recommended these to me 2 years ago. Same brand he carry's in his office - good blend of ingredients that work synergistically to reduce inflammation. i suggest giving the pills a full 30 days to see/feel differently. If you have high levels of inflammation I suggest (ask your own doctor first) starting off the dosage high (I'd say 2 pills with breakfast/lunch/dinner) and then once you reduce the inflammation you can taper off to a lower maintenance dosage of 2 pills daily. I would categorize this as more a preventative, daily supplement targeting inflammatory pain - not something you'd reach for to get instant pain relief from.


November 20, 2018

I didn’t realize how much this was helping me until I ran out. It truly has brought relief to my joints and helps my neuropathy somewhat. Especially my hips and knees. I ran out 2 days ago and last night was the worst sleep. I had to take extra ibuprofen to even get some rest. I highly recommend this product.

great product

April 29, 2019

I had a badly swollen muscle in my foot. I could hardly walk. I knew I needed an inflammatory .
I received this product very quickly and within the first day of using, I was able to tell a big difference.
My foot wasn't swollen and I could walk again without much pain.
This product kept me from having to go to the doctor for a prescription.

Finally a natural anti inflammatory that works!

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This product is amazing. It was recommended from a friend who told me that it really reduces inflammation and pain in your joints. I like that it's all natural and doesn't leave you feeling like you've just taken a heavy medication. It seems like you've got to take it for 4 or 5 days to let it build up for maximum effect but after that it works wonders. In my opinion the price is incredible for what you get.

Really helps with pain!

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This product really helps. It does not take away all the pain but makes it manageable. I have severe neck pain and this product has helped so much better than ibuprofen or acetaminophen. I take 3 capsules in the morning.

It really works

This product is natural, I avoid the danger of prescription anti-inflammatory and prescription pain medications. Originally I purchased Turmeric at a local super store before finding this. There is a noticeable difference in stiffness/pain if I miss a day. There 1000mg makes a difference. Will definitely continue using this product.

Most effective and worth it money wize - conquers pain

I was on 24 hour painkille for months, after taking this for 2 days I was back to only 2 tylenol a day. very effective :) best to take with food. have tried another brand of tumeric and came straight back to this - the other worked half as good, and you had to swallow twice the amount of pills a day.

Yes, yes, yes.

Sciatic pain unrelenting. Heavy meds was only relief. Physical therapy not working. This product is a miracle in itself.

Natural Muscle Ezze Plus 24/7


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I have never left a product review before...but this product has given me my life back. I have had severe neck and shoulder tension to the point of considering surgery . I AM HAPPY TO SAY IT WORKS.

They work like I needed them to, just not a tough pain killer if thats what you're looking for

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These say they help with sleep, dont think that these will make you sleepy or fall faster, instead the relaxation these provide will help stay asleep. Ok now onto the pain relief benefit, yes this pill does work, just one pill does a mild effect on me and just what I need to get through the day. These are natural and havent noticed any adverse side effects, and no, they wont make your stomach burn or ache like other pain relievers do. The pain relief here is mild, not recommended for chronic pain.

Helpful Ache and Pain Suppliment that helps with sleep

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Really good product. I take one every night before bed and it helps with the aches and pains and for me to fall asleep. When hard o get to sleep take 2. Does help me sleep, helpful because I have a serious sleeping problem. No groggy morning spicy. No narcotics, no NSADS. Used by people in the Holistic Center

Back pain relief morning after taking pill

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My back tends to be really tight to the point where it can pull some of my vertebrae out of line. When I hurt my back playing volleyball, I took 4 capsules one night when I was in extreme pain, and the next morning was SO much better. I won't say that the capsules completely removed any pain that I had, but it definitely mitigated it.

I always take these along with me on vacation in case I do something (I always inevitably do) to my back. I ESPECIALLY take 4 capsules every night whenever I go on a camping trip- makes waking up from lying on the ground (or an air mattress) a little bit more bearable :)

Stopped me from needing back surgery. 4 at night are perfect for my lower back pain.

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Been taking this for over 1 year! Started taking 4 a night and still works as right dose for me! This has changed me so I do not need surgery. Has enabled me to sleep and do some back therapy. Back surgery no longer in plans unless lots changed. Only think we have that works best for me! Therapist is very happy. So is my pain management doctor.

2 capsules at night and I sleep

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There is no way I would ever drive after taking even one of these capsules. Taking two before bed puts me out like a light and I sleep through the night. I was hoping they would also help my back pain. That has not happened. But I'm pleased with the sleep assist.

Best over the counter

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Very surprised by this product. Did not have expectations going in just desperate for some muscle relief. I am a nurse and have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders. This definitely helps take the edge off. It doesn’t work like a prescription muscle relaxer but for all natural over the counter it’s great. On my second order of this stuff.

Natural Sleep Aid Muscle Ezze PM Plus Night Time Capsules

Great for nights with lesser pain

I wanted to get off taking muscle relaxers at night because of the damage they cause. This is a good substitute on nights with lesser pain.

It actually works just like it says it does

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This product does exactly what it says it does, which is ease pain (that always increases at night), calm racing thoughts and help you sleep. The herbs can be used in a divided dosage. Dose is 4 capsules. I use 1-2 in early evening. Use the last 2 before bedtime. Sleep, wonderfully healing, sleep!

Natural Greens Super Food Juice Drink

Best Greens SuperFoods formulation on the Market!!

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This organic nutritional boost, superfoods formulation is THE BEST ONE on the market, hands down! It contains all of the ingredients you want a nutritional supplement to contain, and even more-so, without the horrible wheat and barley grasses most green products contain. It even has coenzyme CoQ10, mushroom powders, dulse, kelp, chlorella, spiralina, milk thistle, quercetin, astragulus, and red clover flower powder, MSM, enzymes, probiotics as well as a lot of other things you're wanting in your greens drink. Amazing! And it doesn't have to be refrigerated.

Cheap and effective.

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I feel energized and lighter after drinking this. The taste was as expected with green powders. But as you clean up your diet, the taste becomes more enjoyable. For the price, this is an amazing buy.

Tastes tropical and gives me energy!

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I mix this with a collagen, liquid coq10, and liquid turmeric in a sugar free vitamin water once a day.. It gives me natural energy for hours and tastes great. I feel less hungry too. There’s a huge difference in my energy days that I don’t

Excellent product!

Verified Purchase

Excellent product!!! Great taste and smell!!! I have searched for a natural green drink with no lectins and this one is one of the few green "Super Foods" that does not contain grasses or ingredients with "lectins"...wonderful product!!!

Protein Greens

Great meal replacement shake!

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I take this product every day. It helps to fill you up when you're in a hurry. It mixes really well in a shaker cup. This is the third product I've tried from this brand and they really seem to care about the quality of their products. I'm convinced.

Such a superior great tasting product!

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I sold Medical Nutrition for 18 years and was a candidate for a PhD in Natural Healing (the school closed it's doors just before my completion and I got a tuition refund - BUT I was JUST doing it to LEARN!) SO the point is the ingredients in this are beyond compare. I've been drinking products like these since the 80's! To include: Milk Thistle (detoxifyer) CoQ10?? WOW (NOTE: everyone, btw, should be supplementing with this) PLUS royal bee, glutamine shitake?? - - ALOE VERA? Stunning - and Whey protein? Plus fruits and vegetables.???/ WITH great taste! THIS PRODUCT IS AWARD WINNING!!!!

Super Delicious and Healthy!

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I love this stuff, and it goes a long way. It has a great flavor, not overpowering, but super tasty. I put in in a blender with Flax Milk, one banana, 1/2 cup blueberries and 1 c. (or so) of kale. Soooo.... good. I love the organic ingredients and all the superfoods in the mix. Very happy with it. I drink it for breakfast, and it fills me up and I last until lunch.

Helped me a lot

Verified Purchase

I have been using this product for about a year and and a half. In that time I have gone from 285 to 238 pounds. I have made very little other changes in my routine because I have Myasthenia Gravis and severe nerve pain in my hands and feet. I can hardly walk which I used to do on a daily basis to keep off the weight. It kind of creeps up on you when you quit exercising and keep eating. I have gone to a healthy cereal for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch ( I add orange juice, cherries, grapes, or other fruit in season to vary the flavor profile). Then I eat a sensible dinner. I was surprised to lose the weight consuming a product that I really love to eat.

A most excellent protein and greens drink.

Verified Purchase

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!Cannot say enough about it.Packed with everything your body needs and wants.Mixes excellent with fruit.Taste FANTASTIC.Quality ingredients.Buy it now!

Impressive Nutrition List

I got to try the Protein Greens Powder in order to post an evaluation and consider myself lucky to have done so. I'm not one of those young hard body gym rats who down supplements like my generation downed M&M's. I'm now looking at 70 in the rear view window but am happy to say that by making some good choices in my later year's and look and feel better than I did 30 years ago. I've given up most animal based protein in favor of whey and plant based alternatives. I read labels and return many products to the shelves in favor of a more natural diet and life style.

This Protein Powder has an impressive nutrition list but the bottom line is always the taste. If it doesn't pass the flavor test it will sit on the shelf. I'll admit that I don't mix it with water and drink; I put it in my ninja with some ice cubes, coconut water, fruit and a dab of cinnamon and blend. I've found the vanilla flavor to my liking and plan to continue this as a meal replacements into the future. I won't bother listing the label as it is prevalent on all the selling sites but it is extraordinary. The price point is on the high side but you're getting 30 servings so it is not out of line for the remarkable health benefit and the amazing list of components in each tub.

Energizing Drink without Caffeine

This green protein drink is one of the best I've ever tasted. I tried it with water and then with milk and I must say I prefer it with milk although it tastes great with water too. It blends well in liquids with just a fork to mix it. I like that this does not clump when mixing. To say I got an energy boost would be an understatement. A few hours after drinking this I felt a new clarity descending on me. It makes you feel magical and alive. So why is this so good and better for you than coffee in the afternoon? Well this has whey protein, oat bran, carrot powder, broccoli powder, cauliflower powder, spinach powder, parsley powder and kale powder to name just a few things that are good for you. This also has flax seeds, royal jelly, bee pollen, MSM, Barley malt, Maitake mushroom powder, shitake mushroom powder, enzymes, probiotics, sea vegetables, cinnamon, Siberian ginseng and turmeric and more. What more could you want in a protein drink? I really can't taste the seaweed in this blend. All I taste is a delicious sweet vanilla flavor. For a green drink this is pretty fantastic. If you are trying to decide between the chocolate and the vanilla, I'd go with the vanilla.

Good taste and great nutritional profile!

NOTE: I received a free sample of this protein powder to review.

As a daily exerciser, I occasionally use protein powder as a health supplement, and when I do, I choose whey-based proteins only, vanilla being my preferred flavor. I also want a powder with a good nutritional profile, including one that is low in sugar and provides many nutrients. This product met all of my requirements, having only 2 grams of sugar and containing a variety of greens/superfoods, including green tea, cinnamon, turmeric, probiotics, and more.

The first time I used this product, I followed the instructions on the lid exactly: in a blender, I mixed a scoop of powder with 8 oz. water, 1/2 banana, additional fruit of choice (I used an unsweetened fruit cup), and crushed ice. I admit, the resulting green color was somewhat unappetizing, but it tasted great! To me, there was a mild vanilla taste combined with the banana. I even doubled the recipe and saved some for the next day, and it was still fine. Because I don't want to drag out the blender every day, I later just shook a few simple ingredients together--water, fruit/vegetable juice (V8 Fusion), and one scoop PH50. This also worked just fine; the protein powder dissolved easily, unlike others, I have tried.

I really like this protein powder! If you can get past the color, I find it to be better in both taste and nutrition than other protein powders I have tried, and I would definitely recommend it.

Love this.

I have tried a lot of protein powders over the years and I love this one. I bought it for the Whey Protein and Royal Jelly that is in it and the fact that it does not have xylitol. It is hard to find a good protein powder without xylitol in it, which for some reason makes me feel light headed and shaky. Anyway, I blend Protein Greens with 1 cup of Almond Milk, 2 Tablespoons Tart Cherry Powder, 1 teaspoon Maca and 5 frozen strawberries and I love it. It feels me up and gives me energy.

Pricey, but well worth it

The Protein Greens - Vanilla Flavor Powder is the best on the market. You get the benefits of both protein and a significant amount of vegetables. Yes, the powder is green and it may be a turn-off. But the vanilla flavor is tasty. I was in the market for a powder with minimal sugar - and this is the one! I highly recommend it.

DIM Supplement Menopause Relief

100% Worth the Money

Verified Purchase

In general Menopause has not been a difficult time for me, nor do I expect it to be, but there are a few symptoms which come with the territory that for me had become more intolerable than a nuisance. The most significant was insomnia. The other was night sweats. Since both effected a good night's sleep, after about 3-weeks of these issues every night, my dr sent me home with a bottle.

For me, the night sweats vanished and the insomnia is now a rare occurrence, not a nightly one. I haven't had, nor did I expect to have, mood swings, I have never been one to have them, or to have emotional bursts, therefore it doesn't surprise me that I haven't experienced emotional issues during menopause - so I can't say if you will reap any benefits in that area from this product.

Give the product a month to work before you judge it. It took my body two to four weeks to completely feel the benefit

Omega 3-6-9 Blend

Miracle Omega

Verified Purchase

It works beautifully. Inflammation is gone.

Pure Whey Protein

Whey protein

Verified Purchase

I like the product and after completing some research, it turns out that individuals should drink the whey protein before and after a workout. My body feels the difference and no longer suffers the loss of the lack of energy during a workout. A very good investment and I will continue purchasing from this merchant.

This whey protein shake is really good and keeps me full all morning

Verified Purchase

This whey protein shake is really good and keeps me full all morning.
I'm really happy with it and it's helping me maintain my weight

Very good taste, not gritty at all

Verified Purchase

Very good taste, not gritty at all. I do add extra cocoa powder and a packet of sweetener just because I like a richer chocolate flavor. Still very good without, just a personal preference.

Amazing Protein Shake, soo Delicious!

Verified Purchase

I cannot say enough good things about this protein shake, honestly. And and I never thought I'd write that. This shake is sooo delicious! Super chocolatey, rich and creamy. There is no grit like you find with other protein powders/shakes.. it's filling and I have made it a permanent part of my morning. If you are on a low calorie diet and looking for something with wonderful flavor and is filling... look no further.. I'd give it 10 stars if I could.


Verified Purchase

This stuff tastes great and gives me lots of fuel for my workouts and everyday life. My whole family likes it mixed with almond milk and it tastes great. I started drinking it once a day only 4 days ago as a supplement and I've already noticed my pants fitting better.

Amazing. I've tried so so many natural whey protein ...

Verified Purchase

Amazing. I've tried so so many natural whey protein powders and this is by far my favorite. The chocolate taste real not fake and surgery. Only 90 calories a serving!! Amazing:)) great for pre work out

Great grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat

Verified Purchase

I Was surprise of how great it tasted. Was hard to not get a second helping before time limit. I been on other protein diet that I had to learn how to coat the taste. I am sure I won't have any problem staying with my program using this protein. Looking to see if I can find a 5lb or more bottles